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Ampersand Adjuvant System Boosts the Performance of Three Critical Codling Moth Control Products

Codling Moth

A new study by Dr. Alan Knight shows how this breakthrough technology is a game changer for the industry.

Boca Raton, FL, January 16, 2020 — Attune Agriculture, makers of Ampersand adjuvant system, have released a new study demonstrating how their patented adjuvant can help in the fight against codling moth, one of the most prevalent insect pests of apples and pears in North America.

Conducted in Wapato, WA and led by apple expert Dr. Alan Knight, the field trials show that Ampersand improved the performance of granulosis virus (Cydx), spinosad insecticide (Entrust), and a micro- encapsulated sprayable codling moth pheromone (Trece’s CM MEC). “My studies support that Ampersand can improve the performance of three important codling moth control products,” said Knight.

The results of the study are as follows:

The addition of Ampersand to Granulosis Virus:*
- reduced damage by 44%
- reduced stings by 42%
- reduced entries by 49%

The addition of Ampersand to Spinosad Insecticide:*
- reduced entries by 60%

The addition of Ampersand to Sprayable Mating Disruption Pheromone:*
- reduced male moths captured by 40%

* compared to active alone

OMRI listed Ampersand adjuvant system, for organic and conventional fruits and vegetables, is formulated with food-grade ingredients, and works differently than other spreader/sticker adjuvants. Using hydrocolloid technology, Ampersand improves the performance of actives and nutrients by delivering 3x more spray to the leaf, increasing the absorption potential by 2x, and increasing wash-off protection by 4x.

“We are confident that Ampersand can achieve performance not possible with the traditional adjuvants that are currently used,” said Greg Andon, CEO of Attune Agriculture. "To have someone as prominent as Dr. Alan Knight validate that with our codling moth study is critical to building trust in our new technology with tree fruit growers."

Ampersand is registered and for sale in the U.S. (currently awaiting registration in California) and Mexico.

Press Contact:
Lorena Andon