Frequently Asked Questions

Aren’t all adjuvants surfactants?

Isn’t leaf coverage a good thing? Why do you promote the adhesive properties of Ampersand when other adjuvants/surfactants promote their spread?

Does Ampersand have emulsifiers?

Can Ampersand replace MSO completely, or should it be used in conjunction with MSO?

Our water quality is poor. Will this affect Ampersand/Accomplice’s performance?

Are there any known incompatibility issues with Ampersand/Accomplice?

Have you seen any phytotoxicity when using Ampersand/Accomplice?

Ampersand/Accomplice can sometimes look thick in the jug. Does this, along with adhesive properties, cause any issues for equipment clean-out?

Should I use a drift reduction agent or a surfactant along with Accomplice?