Our history is over 100 years old.

Attune Agriculture was born from a company founded in 1909, that supplied hydrocolloids to the finished foods industry. Over the years, our food scientists mastered the nuances of these natural ingredients and developed custom formulations to harness the power of gums to achieve the stabilization and textures needed for the plethora of foods found in grocery stores today from leading food companies around the world.

In 2011, we began exploring the possibility of using hydrocolloids for industrial applications, such as those found in agriculture. Foundational work focused on understanding how hydrocolloids interact in complex chemical systems. In 2016, after millions of dollars of investment, Attune was formally established with the purpose of creating high quality agricultural products based on hydrocolloid technology.

Hydrocolloids, or gums, are natural in origin and derived from plants or bacteria. The breadth of gums is vast, and the key is to know which combinations to use in order to achieve certain attributes for finished foods such as viscosity, adhesion, water binding capacity, film formation and emulsification.

Combining deep roots in food and agriculture science, Attune has applied our intimate understanding of hydrocolloids, and wealth of knowledge harnessed from decades of research, to the agriculture industry.

Our mission is to create functionally superior products that are performance driven, but also safe for the planet and the people who use them.

Meet the Team

  • Greg Andon
    Greg AndonCEO
  • Libby SidellCFO
  • Maureen Akins
    Maureen AkinsVP of Technology
  • Libby Andon
    Libby AndonVP of Operations
  • Edwin Quattlebaum, Ph.D.Director of Product Development
  • Lorena Andon
    Lorena AndonDirector of Marketing
  • Kyle CriswellSales Manager - Southeast
  • Mark GregorySales Manager - Mid-South
  • Tom JacobsSales Manager - Great Lakes & Northeast
  • Roy MartinezSales Manager - California // Southwest // Mexico
  • Scott TullisSales Manager - PNW
  • Tegan TomaskoCustomer Service Coordinator
Message From Our CEO

Message from our CEO

Many of the world’s greatest technical discoveries benefited from some level of chance. A technology or skill set developed for one purpose that turns out to be transformational for another. This is Attune’s story, one that began with a conversation between neighbors over a lawnmower that ultimately led to the realization that our highly specialized skill set from the world of food science in rheology, the basic understanding of how a liquid behaves, could be applied to radically improve agricultural spray productivity. And, believe me, no one was more surprised than us that our skill set would be so unique in agriculture that it could shatter the belief that compromise is necessary between performance and the environment. It is not, at least not any longer. So we now dedicate all of our energy to improving agriculture as we believe only an outsider could. An insider would never believe what we do is possible, and therefore wouldn’t even think to try.

Greg Andon, CEO